Friday, September 30, 2011

Really? Sick?? YUCK!

So yesterday I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck... which really put a damper on my ambition to get anything done.  Really, who wants to do anything when they feel sick?  Fast forward to the night, it is my scheduled weekend to work and I work Thursday thru Sunday night shifts... so ya... not good when you feel like doing nothing but being in bed.  I went to work feeling okay, considering I spent much of the day in bed... only to end the shift with a squeaky, raspy, raw voice... LOVELY!  So now I feel and sound awful... I can't even fake it!  Well lots of liquids and trips to the bathroom I still feel run down.  I downed some vitamin C and vitamins... because taking a multivitamin every once and a while will make me better right??  Well I'm going back to bed... to try to think about how I am going to write my paper for monday night while being sick and working all weekend... it should be interesting... at least I am on plan with food!! :)

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