Monday, September 26, 2011

Rain rain go away... come again another day: NEXT WEEK?

I feel like I am on Noah's ark... it's been raining off an on for the past few days and today it is especially grey, gloomy and wet!  Rain puts me in a funk... so de-funkify myself I went to the Y and got some exercise done!!! And yes, I feel MUCH better.  As a person who never really liked physical activity I am really enjoying it.  The more that I do, the more I crave it... and feel like a slug if I don't go and do something. 

This morning I managed to walk the treadmill, bike, and yoga.  Yes, me... the lover of couches and potatoes (in any form).  My plan for this week is continue the water revolution (lots and lots of it), and good eating, with lots of exercise.  I am determined to have a ROCKIN' number this week at weigh in on friday am.  Which I am curious about, since it is after I work all night long... kind of like a late day weigh in for normal people. 

Happy Monday!

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