Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tired Thursday

Tuesday brought Zumba back into my life, I had been away from it for some time... and forgot how much I enjoy it, and how much it works out your whole body!  I am not one that enjoys exercise, but Zumba... makes me HAPPY!  I vowed, that with the addition of classes to our local Y's fitness schedule I could get 4 sessions in per week, and that would greatly improve my endurance, and physical fitted-ness (a word I just made up...)

So, yesterday...  I woke up at 2:30 am to the lovely sound of our water softener going off (it makes a hideous sound when it regenerates or what not), well for the life of me I could not go back to bed.  Finally at 4:30 am I decided to get out of bed... and sit in the living room, hoping that would help me relax... fall asleep on the couch, SOMETHING!  Nope, NOTHING!  The clock struck 5:10 am and I looked at the dog, and decided... okay we are going for a walk my friend.  We did a full mile which was glorious, and got back in time for a potty break (for me), and some water for the both of us.  6 AM brought me to my car, and by 6:09 AM I was at the Y ready to get my Zumba on!  By 7:30 am I was a WRECK! 

I am either hot or cold, not warm... I jump in with both feet... and well my body hates me for all this recent activity!  I drudged along, and did get a nap in because I could barely keep my eyes open.  By noon, I felt like every muscle in my body was going on strike, and acting as if I had forgot to send paychecks!  Ibuprofen is a great friend of mine, so I loaded up on a safe dose and drank enough water to float me down the river.

I ended the night with an evening with a dear friend, our children played... we talked... and ate Sushi (YUM!) and I was soo full from water and sushi I didn't even eat a "Knock you Naked Brownie" she made, I did however eat a very small piece before bedtime... and really it was sooo rich that a small piece is all you need!

This brings me to today, my muscles are still on revolt, and I awoke at 4:15 AM.  Really!?!  I am not a morning person, nor do I wake up before the alarm clock!  So the dog and I had a nice little 1 mile jaunt, and we had to miss Zumba this morning do to the girls' post-op visit... (they are doing AMAZING).  Strangely, as much as my body is angry with me... I am looking forward to doing Zumba tomorrow morning bright and early at 6:15!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yowza, it's been crazy here!

So, last week my two lovely children had surgery... yes... both of them... yes, on the same day.  I know most people think I am crazy, but when I explain it... they are like... "Oohhh... smart".  (whether they actually mean it or not is a different story.)  The Eldest - E had her adenoids taken out... she has been a noisy breather, and as the last few years have passed has had lots of nasaly type issues.  Low and behold she had behemoth adenoids.  The little one - K had both tonsils and adenoids out - because she had one tonsil that was crazy out of control BIG (not to mention strep throat too many times to count this past year, choking on food... mouth breathing..)

I did them both at the same time because they are supposed to be quiet... not do too much activity after surgery... eat soft blandish foods... and well it's easier if both are down at the same time and now riling each other up... not to mention if one had it and told the other it was AWFUL... it would be WW12 here... to get the second one thru it.

Anyhow, they both did remarkably great except for 2 nights where K kept me up because she was in pain and well she was all drugged out... but we have turned the corner, both kids are eating and drinking well... and are at a minimal pain level. 

I have been off of work... and not exercising because of doting on them non-stop since the surgery.  I have been watching what I eat - as it goes into my mouth... not always making the right choices, but stopping and not beating myself up over it... because when I do that... I eat MORE!

I am happy to report a -4 lb over the last week (I weigh in on Mondays, on my trusty scale)  for a total of 12lbs in the month of June.  I enjoy blogging, although I don't think anyone even reads this thing (tap tap, is anyone there???)   And marvel reading other blogs about life, crafts, cooking, weight loss and fitness but I am still struggling with putting my actual weight on here... I am trying to work myself up to that.  Maybe a goal for this month?

Trying to keep it real!