Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping the Motivation



Everyone has motivation to loose weight.  The actual motivation may be a class reunion, wedding, a cute little black dress... most things are external.  I know that by loosing weight I will feel better, my knees won't hurt, I will feel strong, I will have more energy, I will reduce my risk for many life threatening diseases... yet it is so easy to slip back into bad habits.

Keeping the motivation is what has put me in a stalled mode in health-weight loss.  Everyone starts out the gate 100% committed, excited, and motivated.  Then when your results aren't exactly what you had hoped, or happening as fast as you feel you should be meeting them... you get frustrated.  The frustration leads to slipping back into old ways of thinking... negative thoughts, those lead to bad food choices and neglect in exercise... and you beat yourself up over your slip... and then after a bit you get back to phase 1 - excited.

How to stay motivated??  Working on that, when I get the answer I'll let you know.  For now I am living for today, doing my part to be healthy, living healthful, and enjoying life, and loving myself!

Monday, June 20, 2011

NSV - Non-Scale Victory!

Well, although since I restarted blogging I said to myself, I would do weekly weigh in's and post my losses, gains or plan 'ol stayin' the sames.  I weighed in today with a -2lbs, however on friday I was down -5... gotta love that once a month water weight, bloat and miserable feeling! 

So I thought I would post a NSV - I pulled a shirt out of my closet I bought last summer... thinking it would fit... and the damn thing was too tight... so rather than return it, I stashed it away where clothes go to die... MY CLOSET!

I needed a shirt to wear to our yearly Zoo outing with the inlaw's, and didn't want to wear all black... because I had black capri's I wanted to wear, and a new black tank top I wanted to wear... but not together... so something had to give.  I pulled out this purple shirt... and said "what the hell!" and put it on, and to my surprise the area where it had been tight (over my stomach where I keep the bakery aka my rolls), and it was loose... YEAH!

Do you have a NSV?  Don't get me wrong, I love loosing weight, but it feels soooo good to get into something you haven't fit in!!!

Happy Monday!  We are off to dance camp!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Frumpy Friday

Well I got less sleep than desired last night due to staying late at work...  I woke up exhausted.. but carried on the day.  Went to a meeting, did my running around (errands).  I have always enjoyed wearing "workout clothes" for the sake of their comfort, stretchiness, and up until the last few years... as part of my daily uniform  or "Mommy-wear".

Since going back to work a few years ago, I realize how good it feels to get dressed in clothes that fit rather than frumpy, old, baggy clothes.  There are days that I feel that I look great, and days that I feel frumpy!  I have ditched the old, hole ridden, faded, stretched clothing... and now I wear more fitted yoga pants, capri's and even dare I say the word... shorts.

I realize each day, that this journey is not about just loosing the weight, getting healthy, and running... it's more about fixing the flawed images and thoughts in my head.  One step at a time, one step closer than I was yesterday.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

I know it sounds like an add for an all-you-can drink bar, but that's how I feel today.  Trying to find the balance between enough water, and too much water.  I spent half the night getting up to go to the bathroom... oh sleep... the thought sounds so nice.  Where's the balance?  How much is too much?  I know if I cut back I am not getting enough... oh water... you are the devil today!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011