Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday is the new MONDAY

That's right folks, today I woke up re-dedicated myself to my journey... I was going to wait until Monday, but we all know what got me here... waiting for Monday to come around.

I started my day with my weekly volunteer time in my youngest daughter's class... tutoring some little chitlin's on their letters and letter sounds.  After I headed right up the street to our local YMCA for some ZUMBA time!  I have to say it's been weeks since I have exercised like I meant it... or at all... I injured my knee 3 weeks ago, and well I have been a whimp and did NOTHING...   I put my heart into it and boy it was a good sweat!  After a few errands home I was. 

Looking forward to more sweating!!! And renewing my commitment to healthfulness.