Friday, September 16, 2011

1 day and counting!

Well today marks a few milestones:
1: 2 full weeks or 14 days of tracking every morsel that goes into my mouth.  Yes, that's right... imagine this everyone FOOD TRACKING works!  I am back at WW and enjoying the new program with free fruits & veggies!!  My two weeks of tracking, exercising and listening to my head have yielded a wonderful -5.4lb weight loss.  My enthusiasm might even have encouraged my bff Jen into joining WW too, we both attended today and I am excited for the possibilites!!  Not to mention, my wonderful husband has been a fabulous support during these last few weeks, encouraging me, and helping to keep me on task/honest.  (I wonder if he even realizes how wonderful he is??)

2.  One day until the big 5k!  I am excited!  Ready... and a bit nervous!?!  I know that people are in the zone when they "race", I still have the fat girl complex... but HEY, this fat girl is doing a 5k so ya!  If anyone has a problem with it I can tell them where to stick it!

3.  3 days of exercise for this week: Tue: Zumba, Wed: Zumba, Thur: Yoga, today is a day of rest for me as I am still sore from the last 3 days and want to have my body in prime shape for tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it all shakes out!!

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