Monday, June 20, 2011

NSV - Non-Scale Victory!

Well, although since I restarted blogging I said to myself, I would do weekly weigh in's and post my losses, gains or plan 'ol stayin' the sames.  I weighed in today with a -2lbs, however on friday I was down -5... gotta love that once a month water weight, bloat and miserable feeling! 

So I thought I would post a NSV - I pulled a shirt out of my closet I bought last summer... thinking it would fit... and the damn thing was too tight... so rather than return it, I stashed it away where clothes go to die... MY CLOSET!

I needed a shirt to wear to our yearly Zoo outing with the inlaw's, and didn't want to wear all black... because I had black capri's I wanted to wear, and a new black tank top I wanted to wear... but not together... so something had to give.  I pulled out this purple shirt... and said "what the hell!" and put it on, and to my surprise the area where it had been tight (over my stomach where I keep the bakery aka my rolls), and it was loose... YEAH!

Do you have a NSV?  Don't get me wrong, I love loosing weight, but it feels soooo good to get into something you haven't fit in!!!

Happy Monday!  We are off to dance camp!

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