Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weight Loss Yoga?

This morning I was up at O'dark-thirty to bring my mother to the airport. She had been visiting since early last week from Connecticut. Having had only 4 hours of sleep I had dreams of bringing her to the airport, bidding our good-byes, and then heading back home for more restful sleep. However, I was A-W-A-K-E!

Since it was early and I did feel the need for a nice stretch I thought I would finally break out my Biggest Loser: Yoga for Weight Loss DVD. It had been sitting on a hutch in our front entry way for months! I knew my husband would appreciate the the fact that it was moved, and possibly used!!

Well, I am a B-I-G Biggest Loser fan, can't wait for the new season. I only live like 4 houses from my favorite contestant from last year... but have yet to meet her! (someday I will run into her when I am running... I am sure of it :) ) Anyway... I love Bob! Yes, he's the trainer if I had to pick I would... I need that emotional aspect of the training he has to offer... although I am certain Jillian would KICK MY A@@!

This DVD is sure to please!! You can customise your workouts so that you can do as much or as little as you like... they have from beginner to advanced... and let me tell you I did the beginner (Level 1 with a warm up/cool-down) and it was 30 minutes of pure sweat! I awoken many muscles who haven't seen a quiver in a looong time! Currently I am feeling like a big bowl of jello, sweaty jello! I have done yoga before, with no real heavy sweat. Mostly, it was great source of stretching... and yes some muscle burn... but Bob has you really work it! He motivates you through out the DVD... and I finished it!! WOOHOO!

I feel soo good in fact... I plan on going for my C25K work out when the girls wake up... yup I am even awake before my children, the ones that rise with the sun!!!

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