Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Second of Three... Way out of my Comfort Zone!!

WOW! Okay, so as mentioned in my previous post running in general was something I dreamed of doing (when I got skinny enough to do it) Well since I won't just wake up to be 175lbs... I am going to have to start now! I managed my second day of training OUTSIDE! Yes, the kids enjoyed their snack and leapsters in the job stroller thingy while I sweated out my sins!

So, normally I like to completely keep myself covered. Oversized shirts... loose pants, if I could put a bag over my head I would... Well I went with capri workout pants... and a tank top. Yes, these pasty arms saw the light of day for the neighborhood to see!

I was a little out of my element at first... then I got into my groove...

Another day, another big step towards acceptance of myself... all of myself!! It felt good to sweat, and breathe the air outside...

I am thinking I need to get some spanexish type pants or something... because I feel I am "flapping" a little to much... Anyone know any online site to get plus size workout clothing... You would think that they would cater to the plus sized active person... but well it's harder to find than you think! Seriously!

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Amy said...

Great job getting out there!!!!

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