Monday, August 17, 2009

Just another Monday!!

Monday's are the "start to the week", they are the days we put off to start our diets or exercise when the weekend hits. Since joining Operation Fat Blaster my Mondays are completely different then they used to be. I would sleep in a little due to working late the night before... get up and putz around the house with whatever cleaning, laundry or other domestic chores that had been neglected over the weekend... then around noon I would shower, and just lay around and relax. Mondays have been my Sundays lately...

Now, with this life change... no matter how tired I am I get up... and get moving. Get things in order... and figure out my day! Plan when I can do my errands, plan food for the day for both me and my family... and plan my exercise. I have noticed that if I plan my exercise... it actually gets done. I remember years and years ago when I was in WW for who knows what time, a leader said you need to schedule yourself in the following areas: Me time (relaxation), Workout time, Play time, and spiritual time (whatever fits your beliefs). She said you need to write them in your daily schedule like you would a Dr's appointment or an important event in your life.

At the time I thought this lady was crazy, I seriously thought... if I can't figure out when to do those things without "scheduling" them then there is a problem. Yes, I was right there is a problem. When you don't have things on your "to-do" lists or schedules things tend to fall into the cracks of life. Life takes a hold of you and well you will put the things that you feel are least important to the back of the line. HELLO SISTER... your HEALTH is the most important... being healthy, living a healthy life... are things that are way more important than folding socks!

I have been diligent at not putting myself last. In this journey to finding my running feet, and learning to love myself a little more each day... I have realized that if I don't take care of myself who will? Sure, my husband loves me, and will do anything for me... but he can't make me realize for myself how very wonderful and special I am! He can remind me when I need it... Encourage me when I am down... but ultimately it's all up to me! So my schedule is FULL with the very things I thought were mundane and ridiculous to schedule... yup... she was right!

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