Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh what a week!

Well this week has been crazy!! I worked the weekend like usual... only to get home and sleep 5 hours so that we can head down to Milwaukee to the State Fair. This is a yearly event for us!!!
I was soo sore from work the night before as we had been very busy and I don't remember stopping all night... I logged a crazy 14998 steps in my shift!

The fair was great, the girls had a great time! I also had a great time! This year was the first year that I wasn't overly obsessed about the food. The food is one of the main reasons we enjoy going to the fair... eating whatever we want!! I can't even think about all the fair food I have eaten over the years with reckless abandon!

This year I managed to eat the things I like while sharing most everything I ate with my husband and or children... this allowed me to taste all the foods I wanted without wreaking complete havoc on my new lifestyle! I did however eat my chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick all by myself... it's the one thing I look forward to every year!

There are many changes happening to me and in me this time around... I sure hope that I am able to keep with this and overcome the biggest obstacle of my life! For the first time I don't feel overwhelmed... I am not saying it's been easy by any means... but I am enjoying the healthier side of life right now!!!


Jennifer said...

You rock!

Craig said...

Great Job Tracy. I love it. I had a cheese cake on a stick at the Ren Faire. I also look forward to it.

Craig said...

The above comment is me SHannon not sure why Craig's name came up!!!

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