Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help! Did anyone get the name of the truck that just HIT me?

WOW! OK, so I have been working at this stay active every day this week goal.

I am proud to report:

Wed: 40 minutes of yoga.

I would have done more, however I had a migraine "hangover" the after effects of taking migraine medicine the night before. I then went into work as a co-worker had a death in the family. Today is the day I was going to do day 2 of my C25K for the week... however it's raining... and after that yoga I can barely move.

After taking the girls to their swimming lessons this morning I realized... screw the rain... I am going to go for a walk anyway. I put the girls in the bike trailer (that also coverts to a jog-type stroller) donned them in rain coats at their request... and went for a nice little walk. It felt great to feel the rain falling on me. It made me daydream of running in the rain... and I got all giddy inside.

On a side note, I am in big trouble now... I let slip that I am working toward this 5k... because last night I thought my legs were going to fall off... and well now people actually know about it. People I know will be asking me about it. Not just my husband who has heard it a few hundred times with no follow thru, or my friend Jen who has heard me lament about the fact that this girl wants to do a 5k. It's just what I needed to do, let it out. Now, I have to follow thru!

The kids are down for a nap/quiet time and I am off to soak in a nice hot tub as there are muscles that haven't been used for YEARS hollering at me for using them.

Jen - thanks for the Wii Active yesterday... that damn inline skating made my thighs like jello all day yesterday!


Michelle said...

Tell me more about your 5K? When and where? I'll come out and cheer you on! :)

Tracy said...

Well I don't have a specific one. If I can get my schedule straight maybe the Susan G Komen one in Oct in Chicago... otherwise I will do one of the many up there way in the spring!

Jennifer said...

I'm telling you, the Wii Active is hard work. I'm going to re-start my 30 day challenge today. Thanks for the motivation!!!

Jen said...

You will LOVE the feeling of finishing a 5K. I run alot..but still scared to do yoga LOL!

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