Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventures of a non-blogger trying to blog..

Yes, that's me, I want to think of myself as a blogger, then I read great blogs like : Skinny Emmie or Roni.  They are so talented in their writing, and photos... who am I?

But, then I think, they had to start somewhere right?  They had a goal/purpose for writing, and so do I.  I want to write about my journey, to loose weight, and become a runner.  Not just say "YEAH! I Did It!", but the real struggles.

Right now I am still struggling with not being able to do weight bearing exercises.  The ankle and the boot are getting in my way.  I broke it nearly 8 weeks ago, and although I can walk on it... it's not ready for exercise.  This starts a cycle of pity party mode - which leads to binge eating - which when I see the scale makes me cringe.

I am committed to doing this, getting healthy, and hopefully loosing weight along the way.  I have been lucky not to have health issues related to my weight, but I want to make sure that continues and the numbers go down.

I will post at minimum 3 times per week, about my thoughts, going's on, health, success and failures... for who ever to read... if you are out there! :)

The time starts NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Keep moving and keep writing! You can do this! :-)

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