Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh it's been a long 8 weeks!

Nearly 8 weeks ago I broke my left ankle.  I know, really?  That was my thought exactly when it happened.  It wasn't a fabulous feat, I just stepped on something, my ankle/foot turned, and down I went.  I am accident prone, or klutzy, I get it!  But it took 35 years to have a real break (I don't count breaking my right pinky finger when my Mom accidentally closed the car door on it in 1986).

It takes a woman of 35 years to realize how much you miss when you are not able to do a darn thing.  I spent 6 weeks not putting weight on my foot, (I cheated a little, but was mostly compliant).  I felt helpless, useless, and broken.  Now that I am on the mend, I have this hunger to get out and exercise. 

Last weekend I was supposed to participate in my 2nd 5k - but well... you can't do that with a broken ankle.

I have 86 days until I do the Dirty Girl with a bunch of other crazy Mamma's, I want to be healthy enough, and strong enough to do it! 

My "woe is me" attitude has allowed me to gain 6lbs in the last 7.5 weeks.  Really???

I started tonight with a WW meeting, and am rejuvenated and connected with my goal, mission, and I am so ready for this journey! 

Join me!

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