Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crazy June is almost over!

For someone who has been on "light duty" for the last 12 weeks, returning to regularly scheduled programming at work was difficult.  I did manage to survive my 12 hour night shifts - barely!

Good news, I am released from the ORTHO MD - which means a little more PT and my ankle is near good as it was before.  I am starting to kick it into high gear with training - moving up to 3 classes of Zumba/week and starting kettlebells after the 4th of July week holiday at the "Y".  I am excited to push myself, I know that I can do it!!!

I have been back at WW for 3 weeks now - doing great with logging food, and actually GOING!  I am down a total of -4.8lbs - with my next weigh in tomorrow - I hope to post some great results! 

My oldest had her tonsils out on Tuesday this week - and is healing up quite nicely, some pain and general uncomfortableness - but handling it like a trooper!!

Looking forward to posting more, whining less, and enjoying what life has in store for me!

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