Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why wait till Monday?

I was going to start Monday, kicking up my workouts now that my ankle is doing better... so that I can be ready for the good 'ol Dirty Girl in August.  I woke up this morning and said - Why wait?  I have spent over half of my life waiting.... waiting for a quick fix to loose weight, waiting for money for a personal trainer, waiting for Fat to be the new "thin" - Clearly I have waited long enough!!

I got up got the kids settled, hubby went out to tackle the grass, and I had a small breakfast and a large side of vitamins/supplements and 2 Rx meds... and downed some water and I went off to the Y!  I got 7.5 miles in on the bike, and 1.5 on the elliptical - considering I could only do 5 minutes last time I was quite happy.  My next goal is to get on the rowing machine!  Man - I remember when my sister kicked ass on that thing in college - she was on a crew team and they had to do them for work outs - she was the leanest I had ever seen her!  I am hoping to lean down without too much bulk up - although muscles are welcome as fat is falling off! 

Don't wait until Monday - it comes and goes and so does  your motivation, get out there and just do it!  You will be happy with yourself that you did it!

Also, I am starting a week of NO BEEF for me, this may be hard... I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and that is a listed trigger food - and as I am newly diagnosed - and have a mother whom has issues with food triggers I thought hey, if it's that easy I can do it!  The tough part, is cooking 2 meals - but I am willing to try that out for a week and see how I feel.  My hubby is allergic to any poultry: turkey, chicken, duck... if it has feathers - the meat makes him really ill.  I have armed the pantry with Chicken, Cod, Veggies, Fruit, Shrimp, and meatless burgers... I'll let you know how I do!

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