Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dirty Girl here I come!

That's right, this girl is going to get down and dirty!  A friend of mine asked me on New Years Eve if I would do the Dirty Girl Mud Run with her in August, as we both need that time to get into shape... I looked it over and nonchalantly said sure!  Well in our corner of the world this has gone VIRAL!  We have 48 members on a private Facebook group - and it's going to be an amazing adventure.

I am working towards improvement of my health, fitness level, and overall attitude on life.  Those are my goals.  I am continuing with Weight Watchers, as it's working!  Having a large supportive group of women doing this race they are planning trainings... I have confidence that I will be ready!  Hell I pulled on a pair of XXL Old Navy Compression pants today - ME... from the STORE!  My pants have always been 3X or 4X - 26/28, I can even button the size 22 jeans I got for Christmas, and SIT in them, and... BREATH!!  Such great success, looking forward to more and sharing with you!

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