Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my! My wings & thighs!

Yes, I said wings and thighs!  Yesterday was the start of the return to the Y for much needed exercise.  I have to say my body officially hates me right now!  But I LOVED every minute of it.... (even if I had a hard time getting up and down from a chair all night last night at work).  I have found out that I have triceps deep in there, under that extra tissue...  and wow, my gluts and hamstrings also got a HUGE workout.

Now, to get the eating in check... this whole thing is a juggling act, and I can't keep dropping a ball her or there because well you can't juggle if you drop the ball.  Duh!  The best I can do right now is keep getting myself on the right track, and practice a healthy lifestyle!

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